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This is very important for us. Bitpharma.biz supplies only top quality products. Our products come from the best sources and also legal pharmacies and have past all the safety controls. “

To Put It Clear


DO YOU HAVE A MINIMUM ORDER? No, we don’t have it.

WHERE DO YOU SHIP FROM? We ship from the United States and EU (European Union).

IS YOUR PACKAGE DISCREET? Yes, our packaging it’s discreet and has no marks or signs related to pharmacy or anything else.

IS MY INFORMATION SAFE WITH YOU? Absolutely. All of your data it’s transmited encrypted via secure SSL protocol. Then, we will never ask for your phone number or another way of contact. Social media, Whatsapp or phone calls to sell medicines are invasive and not professional. We only need your email, and you can be sure you won’t get it flooded by us. We respect your time. We don’t have a “My Account” service so no one can track your orders or access to any info.

TIP: Make in 1 minute a free anonymous email account to use with your orders and stay safer at https://account.protonmail.com/signup

DELIVERY OF THE PRODUCTS: In general, Bitpharma.biz delivers discreetly to all countries around the world Some restrictions may apply for concrete medications and countries. You will be notified of this exceptions when making an order or you can look at the last part of this document. We always send using a quick registered mail option and always with tracking number (Allows insurance and claims and provides detailed tracking). Packaging and manipulation it’s free, fully discreet and we only charge the amount of the shipment. However, if you want the EMS Express shipment (Provides detailed tracking all around the world and it’s around 30% faster), we have it also available. Both require signature of someone and can be sent to P.O Boxes. After your payment it’s effective, we have a 48 hour compromise maximum to prepare, send your order and forward you the tracking number.

For all countries we have a flat rate of 25€/25$ for Registered Mail (Shipment arrives usually in 4-14 working days, limited tracking).
If you want the quickest, EMS Express Shipping (1 to 10 working days worldwide, best tracking) there’s also a flat rate of 50€/50$.

METHODS OF PAYMENT: Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies. If you have any problem contact us.

WHAT IF MY PACKAGE IT’S SEIZED BY CUSTOMS OR LOST? I LOSE ALL MY MONEY? No, not with us. Bitpharma offers you an amazing 150% FREE SUPERINSURANCE. All your packages travel with this insurance so you can be completely calm and relaxed. Seized or lost you will receive a refund or a reship as you prefer. A great insurance at 0 cost for you.

IMPORTANT: Please remember we do NOT control how the Postal Services work around the world, we are not Amazon. If your package arrives superfast it’s MERIT of THEM, the same if your package arrives too slow it’s NOT OUR FAULT. If you don’t understand this and you really think we have any control of the speed of your package or deliver to foreign countries please never order with us. You will be always covered, assured and safe with us but we don’t control the World Postal Systems speed around the world.

DO YOU HAVE SPECIAL OFFERS? We have a policy of always fair prices, that will keep going down as we can make better deals. However, you will see bulk discounts of up to 10% in all of our products. Apart from that new users with a discount code will receive an extra 15% discount on their first order and an extra 10% discount without a code.

Also frequent customers can obtain the VIP BRONZE, VIP SILVER, VIP GOLD, or VIP DIAMOND Status with different benefits each, as an example:

VIP SILVER customers enjoy:

Permanent FREE REGISTERED SHIPPING in all orders.
Permanent 17% DISCOUNT in all orders.
Free EXTRA PILLS (Minimum 5%) with each order.
FREE PARTICIPATION in raffles and other surprises.

HOW CAN I BE A VIP MEMBER? Being a VIP it’s not hard, you just need to be a happy customer and keep repeating your orders and/or sharing your code with other people, as simple as that. Every time you spend 1€ or 1$ ordering in Bitpharma, or you recommend us, you are one step closer of being VIP. We have now a VIP BRONZE user that only made 6 orders with us. We want to reward loyal customers as they deserve, not like in other companies in which they receive worse prices than the newcomers.

DOCTOR’S AND HEALTH SUPPORT LINE: Bitpharma counts with experts in various areas and teraphies and a registered European doctor that can evaluate your condition if you demand it. This online consultation and all chats are completely confidential. Furthermore, apart from the Bitpharma BLOG the consultation with our doctor and team it’s free for our customers: Doubts, tips, side-effects, routines of exercises. Please don’t ask questions that are answered in this FAQ webpage.

Our customers have free medical and pharmaceutical consultation available. You will have a team prepared and motivated to listen and guide you through the best health solution for you. Note: This is just a consultation service that never substitutes the physical examination of a doctor, for any health problem you have to go first to your physical doctor always. Note: Our doctor has the right, after examine your case, to refuse to issue a prescription and deny an order based on his judgement to protect your health.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: You’ll be able to direct all type of questions to our Customer Service. Available 7 days a week clicking here . You can also find us on anonymous Telegram on t.me/bitpharmaa We will help you during all the process. No delays, “transfers to other departments or people” or excuses. We listen to you and we provide any assistance or guide if you need it. NO ANSWER? Check your Spam Folder, contact us by Telegram or use our Contact Form cause Pharmalime.net always reply before 48h.

DO YOU CARRY/HAVE ANOTHER MED THAT IS NOT IN LISTED IN YOUR WEBSITE?: No, sorry, all the products we have, are listed in our website and are all what we have. We don’t have a “get your pill” service. Visit our website regularly to know the new products and updates.

IF I RECOMMEND TO SOMEONE YOUR SERVICES DO I GET A DISCOUNT? Yes! For every new customer that uses your refer-code you will get a 20€ bitpharma discount coupon to use it on your next order. Now the discounts coupons are accumulative so, for example, bringing 5 new customers will give you a 100€/$ credit to spend in Bitpharma the way you want it. No minimum orders, no excluded products, no tiny letter, no microwave coupons! It counts as cash money in the store.

If that wasn’t enough you will be one step closer of attaining one of our VIP status, with amazing permanent benefits and discounts for you!

To incentivate newcomers, all the users of your code will get an instant 15% discount on their first order, additional to other offers like bulk discounts. And remember, the more you buy, the more you share, the closer you’ll get to be a VIP member.

TIP: Make in 1 minute a free anonymous email account to use with your orders and stay safer at https://account.protonmail.com/signup

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